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Blake Burkhead

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So this is what resurrection tastes like [Aug. 21st, 2008|08:32 am]
Blake Burkhead
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Once upon a time there was an Earthhead.  He lived in a horrible kingdom where his wicked parents tormented him night and day.  He had no friends and disliked himself immensely.  Slowly, day by day, he grew increasingly more and more insane.  One day he made some friends, and though they were not physical friends, they existed far more than any previous friend had.  They appreciated that spark of madness him in him, and fostered his budding creative inclinations.  But then some evil men in priest costumes decided that the Earthhead was a creature most dangerous to all around him, and sought to isolate the poor boy all the more.  And so the Earthhead disappeared, only popping up now and again like a bad case of herpes, and in time, even these outbreaks soon vanished.  Yet, the Earthhead did not die, far from it, he grew.  He evolved.  He struck out on his own in every way imaginable, drank deep the cup of life and became more than he was previous.  He became real.  And he lived happily ever after.  Still, this is not the end of the story, for having established himself as a person, he decided it was time to return to his friends, and so it is that you are witness to the second coming of Cake Earthhead.  "Yo, What up?"

It had been some time hasn't it?  I suppose some sort of recap is in order, though there is much ground to cover I will endeavor to be brief as possible.  I live on my own these days, went back to school for writing, and support myself through any means necessary.  I'm currently a dishwasher at a local insane asylum masquerading as a restaurant, it is ugly work, but somehow I love every minute of it.  I still don't drive, but I ride my bike anywhere I have need of being, and use cabs and buses to handle the rest.  I've lost weight, gained confidence and a motley crew of supporting characters.  I've loved and lost, been jerked around and off and come out the other end still hopeful, which is really the best I could hope for.  The possibilities of love abound.  I've taken up karaoke, and partly through that been strong armed into singing for a local band.  I am told on a regular basis by perfect strangers that I am, as a point of fact, awesome, and in spite of my natural pessimism I've begun to believe them.  Mind you, most are in various states of drunkenness when they state this, but I think my ego can overlook that.  I've been hit by cars, fired from jobs, hunted by bill collectors, had a bike stolen, my heart broken, my body trashed, my trust abused, raised my landlord's ire, gained and pissed away my fortunes, and yet, I remain utterly amused at what life may have in store for me.  I am more hopeful now than I have ever been, and though I want for everything, I'm so completely content it boggles my mind.  I have acquired many new friends, good ones at that, and these days are filled with wine, women and song.  I've traveled and such, and seen many oddities.  I still write, though I haven't sent anything around in ages, and the art comes and goes with the inspiration.  Hell, even my spelling has improved as this post stands testament.

I have come through everything I have experienced better for it.  Yet, as much as I have changed, I have remained ultimately myself, the one, and quite likely only Cake Earthhead.

Much Love,
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